New Monochrome Themed PC

Recently the underside of my desk has become somewhat dominated by computer equipment, under normal circumstances I’d be quite happy with this, however I’m growing somewhat tired of perching atop of a UPS whilst working. It’d be nice to have some leg room back so in a bid to reclaim space I’ve decided to rehome my PC into a more sensible sized chassis.


Build Log

First off, new tools, my three screwdrivers, one spanner and a hammer probably weren’t going to cut it.  A quick trip to B&Q later and I was furnished with a Dremel some spare cutting disks a 18v Hammer Drill and a set of files.

For the case I decided on a Fractal Designs Arc Midi (Black).


To free up space for the pump and a radiator I removed the upper HDD cage and docking slides and then Dremeled  out the lower HDD cage, and a portion of the support on the left hand side.

AdamBonny Mono Case

I used the part of the cage I’d just cut out to provide a more sturdy looking base for the pump shelf, this also conveniently covered up the rough cut edge.




To hide the shelf I used three 150x100x1.5mm aluminum plates. I opted for the three 150mm plates rather than one 300mm plate as I got them for free! ^^ 150mm conveniently covers the 5.25” bay’s giving a nice consistent finish top to bottom. To hold the three together I used a forth plate stuck to the back using the same ultra thin sticky tape they use to attach car badges. The plates were sprayed in Rustoleum “Painters Touch” Matt black. I also took the opportunity to spray the I/O panels for my GFX card, sound card etc and sanded back and sprayed the case of my PSU.


Now the case was ready I started fitting components starting with the Aquacomputer Aquastream XT Ultra pump, this was mounted on an anti vibration pad and attached to the shelf assembly via M3 bolts.


I choose the Phoyba G Changer radiators as I like the logo and they also come with 4 G1/4 sockets which allowed me to fit low profile Bitspower temp probes directly to the rad’s rather than inline on the tubing.

The lower radiator, fans and gasket were mounted to a 240mm Phoyba grill, the complete assembly was then bolted to the chassis. Using this arrangement does restrict your choice in PSU any extend length version typical of 800W+ models aren’t going to fit. In total there was about 5mm clearance between the Radiator and PSU and even then I needed to align the modular plugs to sit between the radiator inlet/outlet. Make sure you measure everything before you start cutting, if needed you could remove the front 140mm fan and slide the Rad a little further forward.



I chose the Aquacomputer Aquaduct reservoir in black, I have to admit I was really surprised by the quality, its outstanding, the entire structure is machined from a single lump of metal the only plastic on this is the Perspex lid and o-ring. I opted for the G1/4 inch version which is equipped with a total of six ports, three on the base and three on the side. Currently I have a temp probe on the side, the Aquacomputer RGD lighting module which changes colour based on water temp and an Aquatube for the nice visual effect.


As the only device going in the 5.25” bays was an Aquaero 5 Pro I had space to top mount the Aquaduct. Helpfully dead centre above the 5.25” bays is a grill to mount a 120mm fan this was easily cut away as well as a section of the top mesh and filter to slot the reservoir in. The Aquaduct mounting plate nicely covers any rough edges.


Fitted the Aquaero PRO and swapped the front plate for the optional black one.

I used the Poweradjust mounting plate to fill the second 5.25” bay. This was purely for aesthetics I don’t have any Poweradjusts… yet 😉





I opted for the EK Delrin EN CPU block, the GPU block hasn’t arrived yet  but will be a Heatkiller 680 Ni-BL Hole edition to go with a new EVGA GTX 660Ti FTW+.



The Aquacomputer flow meter was fitted I sprayed the plug black and braided the cable

Everything was plumbed together with 1/2ID 3/4OD Masterkleer and Bitspower fittings the loop was filled with Deionised water (getting distilled water in the UK is a pain!) + Biocide.

Some final pic’s:



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